Sniffer4D - The Multi-gas Detection Hardware

Compatible with various mobile platforms, captures geo-referenced and time-stamped gas & particle concentration data, and transmits the data to Sniffer4D Mapper in real time.

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Sniffer4D Mapper - The Data Visualization and Analytics Software

Sniffer4D Mapper visualizes and analyzes data in real time, provides intuitive information (e.g. 2D/3D pollution distribution, PDF mission reports) for decision makers. 

Integration kits for commonly used drones and ground vehicles, helping you easily integrate your Sniffer4D V2 with your moving platform.

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Vehicle Integration Kits

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External Accessories

Includes gas sampling module, ionizing radiation sensing module, and wind sensing module, making the best out of your Sniffer4D V2 under different circumstances.

Sniffer4D V2 =

Multi-gas Detection Hardware + Analytics Software + Vehicle Integration Kits + Optional Components

You can upgrade your Sniffer4D V1 into Sniffer4D V2.